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Pro Forma

With over 25 years in the Sports Facility Business SMART has been involved with the operation of numerous facilities across the country of varying size and scope with an array of different program offerings. This knowledge has allowed SMART to understand the expenses associated with offering specific programs and services as well as the potential revenue these programs can produce based on the specific market.

Each pro forma is designed based on the program offerings of the facility after determining what programs the facility should offer. The pro forma is designed in a manner to easily allow subtle changes to things like program price or number of teams in a league or number of summer campers to easily demonstrate the affects of these types of minor changes.

The pro forma is also designed to show revenue based on each specific program. This design allows the pro forma to be used as a budget in the first three years of operation. It also allows you to see direct cost of goods while separating out general operating expenses and facility expenses into their own categories.

SMART Sports Facility Solutions was able to provide us with a detailed three year pro forma that not only served as a tool to help secure funding but also became the basis for our future corporate budget.

Jim Lagarde, Primo Sports