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Operational Audits

SMARTS's Operational Audit starts with an on-site visit to your facility. Depending on the scope of the audit this on-site visit will last between 3 to 5 days. The audit at a minimum will include the following:

  • One on one interviews with members of the management team
  • One on one interviews with the ownership group
  • Observation of facility operations during peak and non-peak hours
  • Review current financial documents and forecast
  • Review current operation processes and procedures
  • Review current marketing and sales processes
  • The audit can also be customized to provide specific areas of concern

SMART will then produce a detailed report providing the owner with a summary of identified deficiencies and more importantly solutions on how to solve these deficiencies. These solutions will increase operational efficiency be refining or modifying existing operational and management processes. They will increase revenues by identifying new revenue streams or by decreasing operational cost. They will improve customer service and retention by creating a comprehensive proactive customer service approach. Finally, they will improve staff communication and efficiency by implementation of SMART goals and objectives.

SMART will also include a detailed action plan including ongoing consulting services based on the audit findings that will help execute the recommended solutions.  

SMART Sports Facility Solutions helped guide us through the development of our new website and online business presence. The results have increased purchases directly through our site and we get numerous comments about the sites ease of use.

Brian Loftin, LKSOCCER.COM