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Feasibility Studies

In today's lending environment most financial institutions will require that prospective facility owners provide an independent feasibility study performed by an outside expert in the field of sport facility management. These studies come in a variety of scope, sizes and prices. At SMART we will work with you to provide you with an accurate feasibility study that will give you the true picture of your facilities potential success based on your facility scope.  

Our studies include a comprehensive market research report that not only addresses the industries sports participation averages but an actual in-depth analysis of your current market. Just because a certain percentage of the population participates in a certain sport doesn't mean that is the case in your market. Add this information to a detailed review of the current competitive landscape and you can more accurately determine your facilities demographic reach.

The keys to an accurate feasibility study are performing detailed client interviews and and performing in-depth assessments of the communities actual needs. This process will include talking to potential user groups including youth leagues, adult leagues, social groups and spiritual and business associations.

Finally we will look at the ownership groups expectations in regards to return on investment, long term goals and exit strategy to determine final feasibility.

Not all projects are feasible. At SMART we try to provide you with the most accurate assessment of your project. Integrity is more important than future consulting and management fees.

SMART Sports Facility Solutions provided us with a detailed feasibility study that provided the specific information that our lender was requesting.

Fernando Bahena, Sturtevant Sportsplex